When an Ohana has a home... a new future begins

It means stability... focus at work... kids staying at the same school... home-base for memories, getting a pet... and the list goes on...

We're Carol Marx & Terry Visperas - board members of the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center (HHOC) and co-chairs of this new fundraising campaign.  We want more Ohana to have a home with HHOC's support - and have the skills to sustain that home too.  Terry knows first-hand how HHOC takes the dream of owning a home to reality  - click on his video above and share his first moments of homeownership with his son Nainoa.  Homeownership stability is the foundation for the success of our Hawaii families - without that stability we know or can imagine the impacts at work, in our personal lives, and on our children.

HHOC helps buyers by preparing them for the process through classes & personalized coaching, then providing post-purchase services (click here for more information). They're even working on making more affordable homes available for low to moderate income families in the future (contact Dennis Oshiro for more information: dennis@hihomeownership.org).

Please join us in raising awareness & funds for HHOC!

Make a financial gift.

Ask a friend to make a gift too.

Lead a team of fundraisers.

Let's work together so more Ohana can have a home!

Mahalo for joining us!

Carol & Terry


Meet some of the fundraisers that are part of this campaign

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